The OC… as if!

I few months ago, and partly at this guy’s recommendation I made the mistake of trying out The OC. And what rubbish it is! Not a patch on Beverly Hills 90210, of which it is poor rip-off. Unfortunately, Katharine is of the opinion that it’s-so-bad-it’s-good and so I suffer the odd episode.

Anyway. The last one I saw had George Lucus guesting, which is kind of impressive. The line was that a couple of the kids had created a comic strip, George had seen it and wanted to take them out to dinner to discuss filming it. That’s right George Lucus wanted to film their comic. How exciting is that? But the dinner clashed with Prom.

So what’s the problem? Dinner with George Lucus who wants to film your comic strip or the Prom? For these two kids, who seem to share a girlfriend, the clash with Prom was a deal breaker. Duh! Someone give them a good slap: it’s dinner with George Lucus who wants to film your comic strip! Forget the girl you have to share (and who doesn’t seem that interested in either of you). Sell the film rights to George and the girls (and boys) will be happy to share you.

2 thoughts on “The OC… as if!

  1. Hi Stephen

    Just spotted your reference to ‘this guy’ – lol :)

    Of course the OC is complete rubbish, never said it wasn’t, but for a gay man some of the actors are just pure bliss. I suppose, too, if you’re an adolescent female it’s not bad either ;)

    (PS/I used to watch 90210 a while back, nut it has less appeal for me, if you get my drift … ha ha)

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