Oh well… we’ll have to save the flag another day

en-GER-landI’ve always found football – well, all sport really – a little tedious and a little pointless. But even I felt gutted at England’s getting kicked out of Euro 2004. As with the France match, I only tuned in for the last few minutes. But this time ended up watching 30 minutes of extra time, plus the penalty shootout. All the important stuff. It’s taking people quite sometime to pack away their England flags, as if the whole county’s in some sort of mass denial. Sports commentators are inviting us to follow Tim Henman at Wimbledon, but I can’t believe anybody takes his prospects seriously.

I’ve already blogged on what the flag means to me. So, you’ll understand that I was more uplifted by the sight of its presence at Glastonbury. Proof, if proof were needed, that England’s winning the football could have marked a significant step toward reclaiming English nationalism from the Little Englanders, UKIP/BNP. Nobody could ever accuse Glastonbury of being a hotbed of racism and prejudice.

Saving England’s flag……Anti-war song for England’s football fans

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