Oi! Grantham! Leave out the webcam!

Eastender Leslie Grantham’s lived up to his character’s ‘Dirty Den’ nickname with a foray into cybersex that’s hard to take seriously. A 57 year-old ‘aroused and naked on a webcam’ will only appeal to specialist tastes. (It appears from the coverage – though it’s not explicit – that Grantham’s partner, Amanda the ‘Halo Polisher’, is paid for her services.) ‘Most of the conversations are too explicit to reveal in a family newspaper’ claims the People prudishly, before treating us to the mental image of him returning to set ‘still aroused’. It seems the papers are going through the motions with comparisons to Becks, a dutiful wife under scrutiny and close ups of strained boxer shorts on a film set threatened by strike.

Many of the papers publish material to aid masturbation everyday, so moralising is strictly tongue in cheek; everyone knows people do this stuff, we’re just having a laugh. But he should have kept it anonymous – worn a mask or something – that’s what the internet’s good at.
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