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City Life: It’s  Manchester. Read it. Live itIt’s time to rush out to Mancunian newsstands as City Life (Manchester’s Guardian Media Group published Time Out) has a three page spread on the city’s bloggers written by yours truly. It’s a little odd for a PR man like myself to venture into freelance journalism: people normally go the other way. Journalism’s not as lucrative, but it is so much easier.

I can’t reproduce the article here as the internet rights have been bought on behalf of Manchester Online. Frustratingly, this site (which is mostly Manchester Evening News content) takes the odd City Life review, but none of the features.

Anyway. Interviewing Manchester’s bloggers was interesting. You’ll hear how football fanzines are moving online (Bitter and Blue, Manchester Buccaneers and United Rant), the city’s literary heritage is being mapped (North West Passages) and that Airport Exile is putting a twist on the workplace diary genre pioneered by Call Centre Confidential. On top of that there’s sex toys and graffiti from Spinneyhead, air guitar performed in the feminist style, a broken heart and the inevitable geek.

Phew! Between us all, we knocked a Pixies interview and a Tribal Gathering preview down the pecking order to be the first feature flashed on the cover.

5 thoughts on “On bloggers for City Life

  1. Where’s the shout out to Bloodshot Dawn or Gooseania in City Life’s MAnchester Blog article hmm?

    p.s. sweet article. It’s nice to see blogs go mainstream.

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