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ONSPEED - The Alternative To Broadband I’m proud to say that I run a clean clutter-free PC, free of dodgy downloaded software and with the minimum of stuff running in the background and that’s not easy, because there’s a war raging on every desktop. Every now and again I run msconfig, go to start-up and untick a load of useless programs, stuff like realsched and qttask, which run themselves on start-up, hogging the PC’s resources. Their only job is to deliver advertising messages and warnings should I choose to open a media file in something other than Real Player or QuickTime. Go on… get rid of them yourself and see how much quicker your PC starts-up. (But be warned they’ll be back.) My dad’s gone the other way, installing junk to fight the junk and so his (albeit high spec) machine takes forever to start-up.

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Find the Best Buy BroadbandHaving said all that, there appears to be a service that’s genuinely different. Onspeed’s promise of near broadband speed internet on dial-up is the sort of thing I’d usually scorn. But just this morning I had the opposite experience… near dial-up speed internet on broadband, courtesy of Manchester’s Library Theatre. At time of writing the homepage includes an image for Tom Stoppard’s The real Thing displayed in a space 255×363 pixels. But the downloaded image is actually 2,427×3,456 pixels (your PC has to resize it). It’s a 2.78MB download, which should take me 45 seconds, but actually took almost two minutes and is likely to take at least 15 minutes on dial-up. There’s no excuse. I use Adobe Photoshop Elements to optimise images here and the save-for-web feature reduces this image to just 8KB; a two second download for dial-up users and near instant for broadband. Sure, it’s no longer print quality, but on screen the image looks just the same as PC monitors show everything at around 100 dots per inch anyway.

So you get the picture. Even professional websites do silly things that slow down your internet connection. But Onspeed really can speed your internet connection back up. Almost everything you download is filtered by Onspeed first, file sizes – like huge images – are compressed on the fly and, hey presto, your internet connection gets much faster: all the reviews agree. Onspeed say five times faster dial up internet, three times faster broadband internet and 8 times faster GPRS (mobile phone) internet. It’s available almost anywhere in the world and is far cheaper than an upgrade to broadband.
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