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ONSPEED – Broadband internet on your mobile phoneI’m increasingly accessing the internet over my mobile phone, not just reading headlines but posting blog entries and the rest. At times its dead slow, so over the last couple of weeks I’ve been trying out ONSPEED mobile. I have to admit to being a little surprised, but it does work. With ONSPEED the mobile internet is actually surfable. I’m on 3G, as you’d expect, but ONSPEED works with GPRS connections too.

It’s one of those technologies that really shouldn’t work. That’s because it puts itself between you and the website you’re trying to access, which you expect to slow you down. Images and other large files are downloaded by ONSPEED and compressed using techniques developed for NASA (cheesy but true).

You would think that images and such on websites designed for mobile users would already be as small as possible, but they’re clearly not. Some files can be made as much as 75 per cent smaller. ONSPEED then passes the smaller file to you and because it’s smaller it downloads quicker. Much quicker. So much quicker you will notice. We’re talking up to eight times faster internet. And ONSPEED saves you money because most mobile users are charged on the basis of how much data they download.

So go on, download mobile ONSPEED. There’s a fourteen day money back guarantee.
ONSPEED – Broadband internet on your mobile phone

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