ONSPEED Vs Google: battle of the web accelerators

ONSPEED - The Alternative To Broadband It seems you can never get enough speed online; Google’s web accelerator’s already full to capacity. Designed for broadband users, I was one of the lucky ones and over the course of a week it claimed to save me a very thinly spread five minutes. I decided to dump it, as my keep-it-clean PC management philosophy has reaped far greater rewards.

Google’s idea of targeting broadband users struck me as odd. The web accelerator appears to work like Onspeed’s system, which essentially involves directing everything through a proxy server that compresses content before passing it to you. If web designers compressed images and suchlike properly in the first place, this extra stage would only slow you down. But they don’t and so Onspeed is able to claim near broadband speeds on dial-up. The thing is, if you’ve a fast connection anyway, you won’t notice much improvement. Onspeed can increase a dial-up connection by five times, but a broadband connection by only three times.

Webmasters get lazy; assuming everyone’s got a fast connection they allow their sites to grow fat. Those on dial-up suffer as do those with mobile internet connections – like 3G and GPRS users – who pay by the megabyte to download data they’d be better off without. Onspeed claims those using pocket PCs, PDAs and smart phones enjoy connections up to ten times faster and so reduce costs by as much as ninety per cent.

You’d have thought that this would be market Google would have gone for; delivering speed to mobile gadget freaks and those stuck, for whatever reason, with slow dial-up connections. Instead they’ve left that market open.
ONSPEED: faster internet access or junk?
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  1. You have to pay for onspeed (not much but it’s still cash that you could spend on something else), google web accelerator is free. Easy choice for your usual home user if you ask me.

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