Organic Kellogg’s Rice Krispies

It’s no surprise that Wal-Mart’s move into organics, which is likely to see big bands like Kellogg’s and Pepsi bring out organic versions of their products, is not going down well with existing providers of organic foods. The US Organic Consumers Association warns: ‘When Wal-Mart places a gigantic order, the wholesalers start to lobby for lower standards, and outsource to places overseas where the standards are lower or the labour practices are horrible.’

That may be true. But more to the point, big brands moving into organics threatens to destroy the myths that fuel the higher prices of organic food. Two years ago I had a pop at organic bread, so I risk repetition. But it’s worth repeating that organic foods offer no benefits and, as fear of Wal-Mart placing a big order shows, can never be mass market products.

Most organic foods are better quality not because they’re organic, but because they tend to use higher quality and free range ingredients. They are more likely to be fair traded. All of these are good things. Yet organics need not be good. Organic farmers can’t make any positive claims for their products without risking censure from the Advertising Standards Authority. Organics are marketed by associating them with other nice things; there’s no reason why we can’t farm organic battery eggs using slave labour, except that those who buy organics tend to prefer fairly traded free range.

Organic Kellogg’s Rice Krispies here we come. They’ll be no better than the standard, just a few pence more expensive, and will show organic farming to be nonsense.

4 thoughts on “Organic Kellogg’s Rice Krispies

  1. HA AHAHAHAHAHAHHHAAAAAA…ORGANIC RICE KRISPIES!!!!!!! What a HOOT! Just goes to show you….if you slap a new lable on it….it’ll sell.

  2. Yes they may be a hoot but they ARE better. If Rice Krispies and 1000 other products would eliminate partially hydrogenated oils, pesticides, and preservatives that turns your insides green I’d buy the non organics, but they don’t so I will trust the Organics until I am proven wrong.

  3. What makes these “organic” is the fact that high fructose corn syrup is not an ingredient. It is not a natural food product.

  4. Do you want to know why I love organic anything? Besides the fact that I DO BELIEVE there are more nutrients in the soil at organic farms, I have a little boy (4 yrs) who is very allergic to corn. Since it is nearly impossible to find truly organic corn, the foods with an organic label are least likely to have corn syrup of any kind in them. Hence, these organic foods are SAFE for my kid and others like him who are allergic to corn. BTW … in countries where corn is not so subsidized as in the US they are still using good ol’ sugar. Anyone up for a road trip to Canada or Mexico?

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