The Original BLUE PILL… cheap as chips but what does it do?

Click to see ‘The Original BLUE PILL... cheap as chips but what does it do?’ in a variety of different sizesSpotted this clever little ad in the Guardian today: The Original Blue Pill.

It’s ‘AMAZING,’ says Mr MT, East London. Others are equally glowing. Yet the only hint at what the Blue Pill’s done for them is a web address: (hint, hint). The small print says they’re herbal tablets: a placebo that does whatever you what.
This posted via mobile via Flickr and so not so closely proofread. Click the pic to see it large (there’s an ‘all-sizes’ tab for really large).

27 thoughts on “The Original BLUE PILL… cheap as chips but what does it do?

  1. yes this blue pill is cheap as chips but you know what they say you get what u pay for. This orinigal blue pill does not work at all it was a great let down

  2. I was an idiot and trusted this advert from The Sun newspaper “the original blue pill”. I bought them as they were a good price thinking they were the same as viagra. I bought them to surprise my fiancee on valentines day with some hot passion. To my horror I have tried 2 and they have not worked, luckily I tried them before valentines so I wont be disappointed as I know they dont work. Surprise surprise, I went to go back on the website and it is no longer there. Be warned guys and dont buy. Its a rip off.

  3. Thanks Anonymous and Frankie, I found you guys on google(GOD). I was at the point of buying as I could not find any complaint under devil or the blue pill. Luckily this showed up under hornydevil and blue. I click on it as a long shot. I saw their advert in News of the world and the website is still there and you can buy online. Yes I mistakenly thought they are doing a PR on Viagra. Believe it or not I had a free sample of herbal viagra like pills through the post that works through a magazine. It take some nerve to try them. I made sure my girl was there to pull me out of a coma :) Thanks for the warning that these do not work.

  4. Well done for putting your experiences – I was attracted to the ad. but could find nothing about what was in them etc. No way will I part with any cash now. Thanks

  5. Agree with all of you.I spent some money,on this thigy.But it is a real waste of time and money.This pill does’nt work at all.Tastes like wheat flour,and gives you a mild stomach pain for about half an hour,but does not improve your sexual performance atall.No match for viagra.

  6. i too purchased these pills for my partner & me, the only hting it gave me was a bad stomache!!!
    what a rip off

  7. I have just filled in order from Sunday mirror 20 original Blue pills for £15 and before i arranged payment I thought if i could find cheaper on the web and came across this feed back.
    I don’t mind paying for something that does what it says (like ronseal it does what it says on the tin).
    I have threfore torn the advert up along with the order.

  8. oh me God, how lucky i must be, i was on the verge of paying for the blue pill, thanx to me & u all, i decided to check it out thru google, by asking what the blue pill does, sorry guys who bought it.

  9. Like others iv`e been had, the Blue Pill done nothing for me and I suspect nothing for anyone els either.

  10. Did look into this and have not and now will not buy. One that does work and is cheep try Karmanga (think spelt like that) couple of uk www sell it and boy only 1/2 tablet needed.

  11. I was looking for something too. Thank God I found these feedback. Try Dragon Light. They’re not cheap and they make you all flushed and heady for one evening but the benefit seems to last longer than a night

  12. I’ve noticed how the web site contains no reviews or descriptions of what the pills contain or what they do. Although im sure when i saw the advert in the sun it said you could refund them if u wern’t happy? Ive since thrown my copy away but is this true?

  13. It’s pretty obvious really. The adverts make no claims whatsoever, except that it is a “blue pill”, which it clearly is.

    Obviously you are meant to associate a “blue pill” with viagra, but try to prove that in a court of law. All they have said is it is a blue pill.

  14. What a con..might as well i took a asprin than what that blue pill could do…my advice is stay well they are still up and running is beyoned me

  15. I went out and bought 10 today for 6 quid. Took one b4 picking our lass up from work. Went on net.. found this blog and slightly trashed.. thank god didn’t spend too much. Yup.. you guessed it.. no effect. Don’t buy.

  16. Yep braught these pills TOTALYY usless, had me worried for a bit, but a big relief to find out its the pills, not me! Any ideas where i can get the stuff that works without paying silly money?
    Thanks lads

  17. These really work
    I know where you can get the herbal pills from,
    they are in a cap with a green dry herb inside,
    Not cheap but amazing

  18. Well, sorry for y’all… I think u should accept ur being the way it is or better still, make ur girl available and use viagra. Peace

  19. I bought these pills for me and my hubby. We took loads and nothing. Had more fun laughing about it and laughter is the best pill around.

    I had an advert through the post today from some company in norway advertising the blue pill as ‘Prohibia’ a weight loss pill. I pulled the ad out of the news of the world for sex enhancers and sent it back to them in their pre-paid reply envelope. Bloody con artist must have made a fortune and now the word is out that it doesn’t work their gonna try and sell it off as sommat else. Go figure!

  20. bought the blue pill from ebay and guess what i took two pills and they didnt do a thing. apart from give me stomach pains. {dont buy there a waste of money}

  21. Bought 10 from E-bay. Only to get a warning from E-bay saying they had removed the advert and under no succumstances was I to go ahead with the order. Pitty Paypal (E-bays left hand) weren’t as fast taking the money as their right hand in warning me. oh hum.
    So is there a legitimate way of getting the real thing or is it only available via a GP? So what now ? Start dreaming of Devina McCall in a lesbian romp with buffy the vampire slayer…no that was last weeks..

  22. I’ve just ordered the Golden Root Complex… I’ll keep you guys updated on how good / bad it is…