Patsy Kensit has never had a drink problem

‘I’ve never been a heavy drinker, but I changed my lifestyle drastically eight years ago and stopped drinking for seven years. Now I’m able to have a wee glass of champagne.’
Patsy Kensit

And to think that when I was an adolescent, Patsy Kensit was quite a fantasy figure. She had that girl next door thing going on and being just a year older seemed somehow attainable. Now she’s better known for marrying rock and pop stars, plastic surgery (she’d be happy to look like Sharon Osbourne). Oh and: ‘I would like to be pale and interesting, but I have to use a fake tan.’

But at least we know she has never had a drink problem and that, thanks to all the work she’s put in with her personal trainer, she’s now able to have a small glass of champagne.
(Note to publicist: be sure to read between the lines of Patsy’s newspaper quiz answers.)

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