Peggy Hill dead shocker

King of the HillTurns out I’m five years late with this, but that didn’t make last night’s King of the Hill any less shocking. Peggy plummeting to what looked like a near certain death in a twentieth wedding anniversary sky diving accident. I thought she was a gonna, but it turns out this was the climax to season three and she’s now going strong in season eight. This is one of the peculiarities of multi-channel TV. For example, our TiVo reckons there’s around a dozen opportunities to watch the Simpsons each day. But it’s all over the shop so you’ve no hope of seeing anything in it’s intended order, so when characters mature (as Hank has considerably since the pilot) it can be quite weird. He kind of oscillates randomly on a scale running from stressed-out-Texan-bigot to okay-guy-putting-up-with-it-all.

Anyway, it had me going for a minute and, after watching the credits role to a countrified version of Tom Petty’s Free Falling, Katharine went to bed in a state of shock.

Who killed Saturday night TV?……One in the eye for the early adopters……Selling out British TV

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