Pet Insurance… thank goodness Critter’s covered

Critter interrupts his bath to focus on one of his toysThe little feller’s been acting up a bit lately; pounding up and down while making lengthy speeches and various other odd things. The suspicion is that his higher brain function has been compromised by a heart condition that’s raised his blood pressure or he’s got a meningioma.

The vet’s suggested it’s 50-50, but given the length of time spent discussing the latter option, I suspect it’ll be the benign tumour. Fortunately, whatever way it turns out he’s unlikely to be in any pain, just a bit confused and both conditions are treatable.

The lesson of the day is insure your pets. Should suspicions be confirmed when he goes in for the day on Tuesday, we’re looking at a scan in Liverpool followed by brain surgery in Cambridge, where I’m told the facilities are 20 years ahead of anyone else anywhere (nothing but the best for Critter). Luckily More Than, rather than yours truly, is looking at a bill of several thousands.

Fuelled in no small part by the rapid growth of pet insurance, veterinary fees are growing much faster than inflation and there’s no reason that shouldn’t continue. As more animals are insured more owners can say yes to expensive treatments and the added demand is pushing those fees through the roof. In many ways, Critter’s better off than many humans… no waiting lists around here.

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