Philips HQ8290 Shaver: READER OFFER

Shortly after I started shaving, about 25 years ago, my mum bought me a cheap electric shaver and it was a disaster. It gave me a terrible rash. And so I’ve been happily wet shaving ever since. But then Amazon offered me a Philips HQ8290 Shaver for review purposes and my inability to turn down an expensive freebie got the better of me.

The shaving rash isn’t completely solved (King of Shaves soother eases the pain), but I’ve followed Philips’ advice and given the razor two or three weeks to bed in and the red blotches on the neck are history and in that time the shaves have got noticeably closer. Stubble does seem to reappear sooner, which I reckon comes down to the razor attacking the hair from all directions – it leaves it standing on end – and the side burn trimmer isn’t up to much.

Nevertheless, it takes just two or three minutes to get a shave that’s comparable with, say, a Gillette Sensor but not as close as a Gillette Fusion Power and that’s pretty good. The jet clean system, a bath of solution into which the razor is lowered, takes away the cleaning hassle and so I’m converted for everyday shaving.

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