Pink, V Festival 2007

Click to see ‘Pink, V Festival 2007’ in a variety of different sizesSuprisingly, Pink, who was actually quite good a couple of years ago, has brought things low.

In a set weighed heavy with covers, we get a song for a president who was brought up lonely, turned to whisky and cocaine, then decide to go to war once he was all grown up. A kind of revenge thing.

So now you know the truth.

Check out V Festival 2007 for more photos, video and comment.

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3 thoughts on “Pink, V Festival 2007

  1. What are you talking about? Pink was one of the only artists that were any good this year.

    Killers were not good at all – Kasabian – just poor.

    Pink rocked

  2. this was ages ago, but what covers did she do? (i wasnt there) – i know she does 4 non blondes, the only other covers i know she does is a medley of janis joplin songs, which is only really the length of one song. interested to know what new covers she’s doing and if they’re any good.

  3. Like you say, it was a while ago. But the 4 Non-blondes thing rings a bell (perhaps from 2005), but I can’t recall any more about her set.

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