Poor old spammed out Buddy

Easy to install permission based anti-spam software, that puts you in charge of the e-mail you receive and works with all major e-mail programs. It’s available for FREE TRIAL nowMy Museum of Spam got a nice boost from the Guardian weblog a couple of weeks ago. Which was nice. Although it’s e-mail to blog address (stephennewton.mofs@blogger.com) isn’t attracting as much spam as I thought it would. Nevertheless, the comments show that there’s one born every minute. Take a look at poor old Buddy Weiser: he’s been driven genocidal. And then there’s Gottfried who just doesn’t get it.

Anyway. Here, powered by Media Scooper and Haloscan, are ten recent-ish comments. (I say ‘ish’ because this uses a free service and can be a little slow to update.)

6 thoughts on “Poor old spammed out Buddy

  1. I’ve been getting a ton where the subject line is some 5 digit dollar amount. When you open it it’s some sort of get rich quick crap or something. I’ll have to start submitting them too you.

  2. Good show…

    BlogThis!Dear SN: Arrived here via your post to AlwaysOon — and I perused the adverts as well as content.

    Advertising: I guess I should have guessed it’s currently focused on web security , money transfers, and so forth, which is crafty commentary on the museum’s exhibit.

    I might start to look at some of my junk email before I delete it [instead of getting rid of it automatically]. There are some real classics that aren’t posted yet, in the areas of mortgage refinancing, online university degrees, weight loss, acquiring drugs [legal, quasi-legal, and illegal], increasing sexual prowess or attractiveness, and how to get rich on the internet by sending out junk email. Some of the ones I’ve received come complete with [usually ill-]designed graphics, including animations. Is it okay to send this kind of image to the museum? Or does it have to be text?

  3. Also: As of today, my blog on AO [listed on the left] titled Spam World is still up, and it has a link to a map keyed to the earth’s hotspots of spam origin from the website of Postini ["the leader in preemptive email security"]. When I first saw the map, I thought of those cartographic displays that show likely areas of volcanic eruptions and earthquake threats. For me, it was a riot. But, then, I have no sense — of humor or otherwise.

    – Cheers… Jamie M. Forbes Media & Writers, Inc. 332 Bleecker Street F36 New York, NY 10014 212.924.0657 email: jmf@ix.netcom.com

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