Pope on Life support… forever?

Over on Shot by Both Sides, John’s asking if the Pope’s present condition is all down to bad karma. After all, he’s been comparing abortion with the holocaust and blaming democracy for the world’s evils and so presumably favours theocracy. But against the karma thing, is the fact that he’s had a good innings and a successful life.

The thing is, for some time now he’s been in virtual intensive care, constantly surrounded by a gaggle of some of the best doctors and nurses in the world. And it seems the breathing unaided thing was a close call. But what would happen if a brain dead pope ended up on life support? Would they be able to switch him off and, if not, isn’t there a theoretical possibility of his being kept alive forever? The Catholic Church might be hoisted by its own petard, with the pope himself the embodiment of what happens when the all life is sacred argument is taken to the extreme. Now that would be karma indeed.
Mercy for Terri Schiavo… the cruelty of ‘letting her die’

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