Posh ‘sang’ warning to Loos… oh dear

My half hearted blog of sympathy for Posh Spice the other day looks a little rash following this morning’s leak of song lyrics to the Sun. That Dude is an explosive repost to another woman whose pursuing Victoria’s man. This other woman has a ‘good background’ and offers ‘good sex’ which, says the Sun, ‘fits perfectly with Miss Loos’ posh schooling and self-confessed raunchiness’. Lyrics apparently include, ‘Even if the player says he’s planning on shaking, bottom line is he’s still taken… you’ve got a man and his boys are strictly off-limits… if they make noise your style will be diminished’. This freely translates as ‘I know my husband’s up for it, but he is married and the kids won’t like it’.

…oh dear.

What kind of woman plots against her husband’s mistress?

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