Poweriser 7090 velocity stilts… run & jump like never before: READER OFFER

Buy Powerisers from Amazon.co.ukI’m not about to run a marathon, but if I were I’d be strapping myself into a Poweriser 7090. These velocity stilts would allow me to jump six feet into the air and lengthen my stride beyond nine feet. So powered, speeds in excess of twenty miles an hour would be within my grasp, allowing me to complete that suddenly high velocity marathon in about an hour. I’d hardly break into a sweat.

Smaller adults (ladies I guess) should try the Poweriser 5070, while the Poweriser 3050 is perfect for the kids. Soon the whole family will be bounding ahead on its Poweriser velocity stilts, the envy of all the neighbours.

5 thoughts on “Poweriser 7090 velocity stilts… run & jump like never before: READER OFFER

  1. hey , just got my powerisers bout 3hours ago from toysrus.co.uk :D , so if your lookin for sum theres ur answer i live bout 5mins away from toys r us but ordered them on net as they didnt store them in the shop! so if i hav ne problems il tke a visit to the shop!
    iv tried them and started off takin slooooooow steps. i can now jump holding on to a wall either side and can walk bout 20paces before wantin to grab hold of summin! hopin 2 b able to b alright by the tym i go to belchamps guide and scout camp.!!
    have fun xx

  2. Hi, I got my “Powerisers” about an hour ago, and im already jumping and running round the block, but running what is bugging me – how the **** do you do it? I s’pose it will come with time but for now ive been hopping from one leg to another, hoping that my legs dont crash into each other… :D I have only fallen over once so far, as I was trying to jump up a kerb and failed…

    Powerisers are good, but im scared to go faster, higher, harder, and it has just rained and its dang slipperly.

    There good, get some.


  3. You might want to get a little more practice before running and trying to jump too high. Just walk around with them on and try jogging with your springs… then work your way up to running. To practice jumping, hold onto a high object. Then once you can do that learn to do flips and acrobatics :)

  4. Actually… Poweriser is like much other things… easy to learn using but hard to master… Like david says is things like backflips and things like that ought to be reserved for people with a litle more practice… But if you have fokus and practice a lot nearly nothing is impossible in time…

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