Primark fire: what will the chavs do?

I’m clearly much more snobby than I realised. The major fire at Primark’s enormous Leicestershire warehouse is very, very funny. Half of all their stock is gone. What will the chavs do?
UPDATE: Primark fire: who’s laughing now?

3 thoughts on “Primark fire: what will the chavs do?

  1. Yeah very funny I suppose when you actually realise that its not really funny at all.
    I work for Primark, dont get me wrong, most stores are a shit pit, but its really fucked the order of stuff up ya know?
    I work in the smallest store in the nation, and you kinda come to realise that its not really funny when instead of getting deliveries, you get vas coming to take stock AWAY to take to the bigger stores.
    And its not just chavs that shop there. I’ve had loads of very well respected members of our community come and shop there. Its not just for old people and teenage mums (Now that IS funny!)
    Stop beign a jerk and actually think about this shit.

  2. daarling, the fashionistas all know it as Pradamark! if you have a sense of style and more imagination than cash it’s the *only* place to shop! haven’t you heard of CPD, it’s sweeping the nation – Compulsive Price Disclosure; “what’s that sweetie? you love my new brass buttoned cavalry jacket? why, thankyou, only £8 from primark y’know!”

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