Primark fire: who’s laughing now?

Aftermath of the Primark fire, courtesy of reader Mark ForresterMy chuckle at the Primark fire got an interesting response. An employee comment that it wasn’t funny, followed by an email with pics attached (including this one) from someone compiling a photo album and finally a comment that I’d missed out on the whole Pradamark thing. That last observation stung.

Nobody was hurt and with hindsight it’s the Primark moneymen who are laughing hardest. Insured for the loss and any interruption to business, shares rose on the news as they won’t have to discount the tat should the high street get depressed. And they’ll be lots of new jobs rebuilding the warehouse and replacing the stock.

As for the Pradamark thing, that only works if you really can afford a few designer pieces. If you wear Primark neat or in combination with some other affordable high street name, you can’t make any claim to be with it. The same goes if you buy your clothes from the Oxfam Shop (worthy though that is). The addition of some cheap pieces adds a touch of irony to the designer look and shows you’re passionate about fashion: you just had to have that piece even though it blew your budget and reduced you to filling the gaps in your wardrobe with clothes that are clearly beneath you.

But no, I’m not doing swapsies on the pics.

3 thoughts on “Primark fire: who’s laughing now?

  1. I’ve never heard of Primark. Does this mean I’ve grown sufficiently far from my working-class roots to be middle class now?

  2. I don’t understand I thought it was poor people that shopped at Primark, chavs shop at JJB sports! GET IT RIGHT STEPHEN!

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