Prince Harry returns from Afghanistan… let’s send William!

MY WAR BY PRINCE HARRYPrince Harry’s ten weeks living his dream in Afghanistan have, he says, given him a chance to live a normal life, sadly that’s all coming to an end.

I think the Ministry of Defence is being a more than a little hasty. Pulling him out is a form of retreat and hands the Taliban a propaganda victory. I reckon we should keep Harry out there for as long as it takes… and if that’s twenty years, so be it. (Alternatively, if he really wants a normal life he could always have a go at renouncing the monarchy. I think he’d be surprised how quickly he’d be forgotten; nobody seemed to miss him while he was away.)

Sure he’s a bullet magnet, but that could be a good thing; use him as bait to lure the Taliban into the open. Better still send Prince William out to join him… he graduated as an army officer too and it would be a shame to waste that.

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