Prince & The Mail on Sunday

Click to see ‘Prince & The Mail on Sunday’ in a variety of different sizesWith three hours to go on a very wet M6 and other motorways, Prince’s new album, Planet Earth, appeared quite a bargain at just £1.40 with a free Mail on Sunday.

Sadly it’s not worth that modest investment. Much of it sounds like the soundtrack to a long forgotten 70s TV show with a rubbish pianist singing in the corner of a bar. Prince talking to his lover is terribly embarrassing.

But not as embarrassing as some of the characteristically hysterical headlines in the paper that are never quite supported by the words beneath.

‘The latest terror victims… trees that have graced Whitehall for 60 years’

£25m Whitehall Streetscape Project, which takes security into account, will see pavements renewed and widened, bus shelters moved, better streetlighting… and twenty new trees. Tory spokesperson is ‘depressed’ that twelve trees will go as part of ‘the so-called War on Terror’.

‘Stars In Their Eyes Killings: Man held’

You’d think the poor victim was killed on the set of the talent show she appeared on three years ago as part of a great massacre.

Oh yeah; the father of Madonna’s adopted son, whose wife died in child birth, is now happily remarried and his new wife’s expecting. The Mail on Sunday spins this into an anti-Madonna rant: ‘no, you can’t have this one’

…as if the pop star has singled this guy out, telephoning in the middle of the night: ‘give me your babies!’

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