Princess Diana: tomorrow’s forgotten idol

Like the Daily Telegraph, I’m not surprised that the Diana memorial has done so well in the Heritage Lottery Fund’s ‘Icon Of The Future’ poll; beating off stiff competition from the Coronation Street set. But I’m equally sure it will never be remembered in the way Diana fans imagine. She may have done some sterling charity work, but any Royal can do that. Diana’s unlikely to make much more than a footnote a hundred years hence: ‘Estranged, but hugely popular, first wife to Charles. Died with her lover in an automobile accident in Paris’. It’s not like she achieved anything.

One thought on “Princess Diana: tomorrow’s forgotten idol

  1. Queen Mother arrives in Heaven and is being ushered through the pearly gates by St Peter when she spots Di.

    Turns to St Peter

    “Excuse me, but why is her halo so much larger than mine ?”

    “That, ma’am, is a steering wheel”

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