Private Lives, Library Theatre, Manchester

Private Lives, Library Theatre, Manchester

Booking these Library Theatre tickets fairly late I was warned we’d be sat right on the end of the row by the wall.

But Manchester’s theatres aren’t like London’s West End. The view from the rubbish seats is great. When a West End theatre says you have rubbish seats they mean it. Chances are you won’t be able to see a thing without standing up and leaning precariously over a balcony.

Anyway. Noel Coward always delivers, the apparent formality and flippant comedy of Private Lives disguise the depth of the work. Although some may be more shocked at the idea of marrying someone you’ve only known four months and have never bedded than the domestic violence.

The Library Theatre also delivers with strong performances well directed. The only quibble is that Amanda’s haircut looks a little cheaply done.
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