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Manchester public relations consultantI’ve begun a third blog (in addition to my Museum of Spam) over at, with a post inspired by the fear blogging apparently inspires in some public relations consultants. This blog will inevitably be a little more serious than the one you’re reading, but I aim for it to remain just as readable without disappearing up its own… well you know what I mean. And frequency of posting will be a fair bit lighter too.

Perhaps oddly, I’ve only recently built myself a promotional website, which I’ve deliberately kept as simple as can be. As far as I can tell public relations consultancy websites fall into two categories. There are those that read like spam, making wild claims and promising to reveal ‘secrets’ you’ll probably find in any PR textbook or glean from the marketing press without the hyperbole. There are those that say we’re very big boys, which is fair enough. I hope my keep-it-simple approach makes it’s clear where I’m coming from and manages expectations appropriately.

As if that wasn’t enough I’ve a new product idea, the details of which I’ve almost sorted, that will be ready for a soft launch soon and I need a ‘professional’ blog for that. So watch this space… or rather that space.
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