Pushing up Manchester’s daisies

Smoke Free Manchester: pushing up daisiesDaisies like this popped up all over Manchester on Monday (bet they don’t survive the weekend; I’m surprised the bloody students haven’t nicked them already). It’s all part of a campaign for a smoke free Manchester. I’m not sure a ban on smoking in public places would extend to the street. But it might. And that would be very silly.

There’s something odd about pushing up the daisies at busy junctions and roundabouts. I once lived in Stockport once ‘one of the darkest and smokiest holes in the whole industrial area’ (Engels) because it’s deep in the Mersey valley where pollution collects. Walking to work down the busy A6, I developed a little asthma. Should you have difficulty breathing while standing with these daisies, other people’s smoke is unlikely to be the cause.

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