Rachel Allen’s whole fruit juicer

Rachel Allen’s whole fruit juicer, which I was recently invited to review by Amazon, is part of the Irish celebrity chef’s range of ‘small domestic appliances’.

As an Irish celebrity chef, it is perhaps inevitable that Rachel’s idea of a small domestic appliance is rather different to mine. Her whole fruit juicer is not a gadget that will be sitting lost and forgotten at the back of one of my kitchen cupboards. My cupboards simply aren’t large enough. The juicer is huge and so demands and expects to permanently reside on a kitchen surface.

The second immediate disappointment is that it doesn’t take many whole fruits, although to be fair the instructions make fruit preparation sound far more onerous that it actually is and you can cut corners. For example, I’ve found that you can get away with just peeling oranges and ripping them in half, while the instructions recommend removing the pips.

The third problem is that the juicer is messy. Fruit needs to be dropped into the juicer while the motor is running. Sometimes it pops right out again. The pulp container doesn’t catch all the pulp and there’s no drip tray, even though juice drips for quite sometime after the machine is finished. The juicer itself is not easy to clean.

You are so limited in the range of fruit the juicer can take, all the smoothie recipes included in the instructions assume you have a liquidiser or blender as well.

Sadly, you don’t get much juice out of a single fruit (not Rachel Allen’s fault, but hey), which makes this an expensive as well as a messy and time consuming option.

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