‘Racist’ Tory, Maria Hutchings, heads Cameron’s A-list

Regular readers will know that I’ve been following the political career of Maria Hutchings (this is my third six-monthly post), who blames immigrants, asylum seekers and Blair’s focus on Aids in Africa for the threatened closure of her autistic son’s school (by a Conservative council).

She was originally presented as a poor done to non-party political mother and, as such, made for a great weapon for the Tories. She could confront Blair on live TV safe in the knowledge that he couldn’t be seen to attack a mother who only wanted the best for her disabled son. Whatever the merits of her case and whatever the role of the Conservative council, Blair would have to take the hit.

Now Maria Hutchings is the new more feminine face of the Conservative Party: she’s on Camreron’s A-list. Along with the has been gay soap star she’s there to soften their image and attract those who would never normally vote Conservative.

But image is all this is. Cameron may be going out of his way to show the Conservatives have had an epiphany on the environment and all that, but remember what Maria had to say to Blair:

‘… concentrate on the issues that affect the people of Middle England, like myself who pay the taxes which keep the country going… I don’t care about refugees.’

As long as people like Maria Hutchings head the ‘A-list’ of Conservative contenders, the Tories are long way from escaping accusations of racism.
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