Rangers riot aftermath

Rangers riot aftermath

Manchester United fans are to pay the price for the Glasgow Rangers riot, which took place here in Piccadilly Gardens not two days ago. The Champions League final will not shown in the city and there will be no victory parade should they win.

That there was trouble is disappointing and that a copper got a kicking from a mob is terrible.

But despite it all, a couple of hundred idiots out of a crowd of a couple of hundred thousand should not have been allowed to define what was actually a great day for anyone who was in Manchester. No lasting harm was done and the city, while never as litter free as it could be, was cleaned up smartish.

Punishing Manchester United fans by denying them a deserved celebration only conspires to make the world a less happy place.
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One thought on “Rangers riot aftermath

  1. Surely the big screens for United should be in Trafford.
    Longford Park maybe.
    Why should Manchester pay for the celebrations when Trafford gets the rates from the Theatre of Hate and Lou Macar’s chippy?

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