The real reason Howard couldn’t play the race card

A little while ago, I was down in my parents’ part of the world. They live in a former Tory-Labour marginal that’s now increasingly safe for Labour. I was told I needn’t worry about the Tories winning because people wouldn’t have a Jew as Prime Minister. I dismissed that at the time, but it did come to mind when Howard unveiled his ‘it’s not racist [nudge, nudge]…’ posters on immigration. And I was reminded of it again when I read in the Telegraph that a rector with links to Prince Charles has had to apologise for an anti-Semitic remark about the Tory leader. And it’s always been fair game to make fun of his funny accent, which isn’t a real accent but something affected in a vain attempt not to offend the kind of people I’d never have as friends.

Are you thinking what I’m thinking?

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