Reality TV runs its course

The increasingly desperate state of Celebrity Big Brother is revealed in Brand Republic’s writing off of contestant Mark Bosnich as, ‘famous for being model Sophie Anderton’s ex and [testing] positive for cocaine’. And I know plenty of people who’ve no idea who Sophie Anderton is. They’ve got Caprice though, who’s famous in these parts for flying into Manchester from London on a sunny day and exclaiming, ‘Ooo. Nice here. It was raining in England you know’. Rating hopes seem pinned on Brigette Nielsen (who must be getting on a bit), as she enjoyed stripping off on a stateside reality show. Otherwise it’s people coming to terms with their has-been status. Like ‘former singer’ (don’t you love the bitchiness) Myleene Klass, who’s been offered what’s likely to be her last £100,000 pay cheque.

Meanwhile, I’ve added Jude & Trin & Clazza’s Reality TV Blog to the blogroll. They’ll watch sleb BB, so we don’t have to.

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