Reichstag shambles

The ReichstagMonday morning and more last minute queuing. Our plane home was 15.30 (although, fortunately we’d mistakenly thought it was 15.05). We gave the Reichstag one last chance in the hope of seeing Norman Foster’s dome and accompanying view of Berlin. But what a disaster; there was no sign of organisation at all. Weather wasn’t with us and just as we’d got onto the steps – about an hour in – the rain came and the crowd inevitably surged forward for cover. The shocker was that nobody acted to stop the crush. An older woman collapsed not far from us, but only fellow tourists came to her aid. Then an informal sign was placed on the door to say the main attraction, the dome, was closing for cleaning. You’d have to queue for an hour to get to that point, though. We gave up. Oh well.

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