Remember the ’90s? Norwegian Blue does

Walking through the The Printworks this morning I noticed Norwegian Blue is promoting ‘the only ’90s night in Manchester’… which reminded me of a time I interviewed the licensee of a pub in Ashton-under-Lyne who was putting on a night for, ‘people who remember the ’80s’. This was 1995.

The remember the ’80s line was very tongue in cheek. She was hoping to bring in a slightly more mature crowd – mid to late 20s, maybe as old as early-30s – who might otherwise feel a little out of place in happening Ashton.

Today you don’t have to be so coy about exploiting nostalgia for just last week. I very much doubt that Norwegian Blue really does host the only ’90s night in Manchester… a trip to the nearest Students’ Union is likely to reveal those whacky souls have been there for sometime. After all, young people today don’t like to make music they can call their own.

One thought on “Remember the ’90s? Norwegian Blue does

  1. I made the mistake of visiting Norwegian Blue just this week and it’s the most disgusting bar I have been in a longtime. The carpet stunk and was filty and sticky, the sofas stank of god knows what, the wooden floor was black with cig burns and stepped over vomit in the mens doorway. This was at 6.15pm on a tuesday night and the place had the grand total of 8 people in inclding bar staff. Lloyds bar further up was full and there wasn’t a seat to be had. I won’t be going there ever again. It’s a dirty fithy dump, it’s not even good enough to be called a dive and lord knows I’ve been in plenty over the years but Norwegian Blue was just plain disgusting. Thank god they don’t serve food!

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