Resurrection: Manchester Passion reviewed

Resurrected Jesus atop Manchester Town HallDespite earlier reports there was no mosh pit at the Manchester Passion, but it was a perfect Spring evening and a beautiful day for a crucifixion.

It was also a brave event for the BBC to attempt. It wasn’t at all clear how many people would turn up or who they would be. Katharine had been very wary of the whole thing, afraid of being preached at.

For some it was an affirmation of their Christian faith. But it wasn’t – for us anyway – a religious occasion. We saw a wonderful piece of theatre and a celebration of Manchester and its impressive contribution to popular culture. The city looked great. Watching back on television this morning, Exchange Square in particular looks like a studio set. But Manchester really does look like that – superb Victorian architecture, rubs shoulders with the best of the new and bright neon lights – a wonderland, with something for everyone.

Jerry Springer Protestor at Manchester PassionWhen I went through the camera phone pics this morning, I found a familiar face: the protester who accosted me as I left Jerry Springer the Opera.

That so many songs have Christian reference points is no great surprise. Christianity is deeply engrained in the collective consciousness. The Happy Mondays, in particular, have always borrowed heavily and I was disappointed not to get a chorus of Halleluiah and a bit of Kinky Afro: ‘Yippee-ippee-ey-ey-ay-yey-yey / I had to crucify some brother today’.
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5 thoughts on “Resurrection: Manchester Passion reviewed

  1. Thanks for the link. I re-read my post this morning and it’s verging on hyperbole in places but I was pretty buzzed up when I got home.
    Glad you like the town hall pic – sorry it’s a bit shaky.
    Sorry to hear about your run-in with the Jerry Springer idiot, we’re not all like that ;-)

  2. I think the great triumph of the Manchester Passion was that it offered something to everyone; including those of us with no faith. And not everyone with with faith is a nutter.

    (BTW while our pics do look similar, yours was taken on a proper camera ? Fujifilm FinePix 2650 ? but mine was taken on more humble Nokia 6630. Just shows how far camera phones have come.)

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