BNP councillor’s suspension confirms ‘no platform’ as the right way forward

The BBC’s recently feeling obliged to invite BNP leader Nick Griffin on Question Time has rightly sparked a debate as to whether the ‘no platform’ for fascists strategy has a future.

Some, like the Observer’s Barbara Ellen, have argued that we should encourage a BNP appearance as it would give them rope with which to hang themselves: ‘It’s my guess that the only people left regretting a BNP appearance on Question Time would be the BNP themselves.’

But this is a naive view that underestimates the BNP’s current leadership and forgets the fascists’ willingness to lie. Nick Griffin has proved himself a skilful politician by holding together an unstable political movement with a tendency split and disintegrate without outside help.

Suspending BNP councillors like Richard Barnbrook for lying is likely to be a far more effective tactic. The BNP lies deliberately and maliciously, in the case of Barnbrook to whip up fear of crime, to create a climate of panic in which people might flirt with extremism.

Similarly, Nick Griffin is holocaust denier and this should be enough to ensure he is not invited to appear as a respected guest on flagship BBC politics shows.

Free speech is important, but certain types of speech have never been protected nor should they be. The right of an individual to lie should not be put before the greater good of protecting the public from such lies. Richard Barnbrook behaved like a nutter in crowded nightclub shouting ‘fire’ because the idea of provoking a panic and crush excites him.

The BNP behave this way because hate is an emotional response that pays no heed to facts and figures and dehumanises its targets. In a rage they make things up, while denying inconvenient truths. They have no place in rational debate.

5 thoughts on “BNP councillor’s suspension confirms ‘no platform’ as the right way forward

  1. We’ve had the Lib Dems lying about crime for years, including knife crime.

    They have been specifically carpeted for this – and other police related fibbery by GMP – with Cllr Marc Rambo being hauled over the coals for shameless exaggeration over proposals to regulate drinking in Canal Street and the same man I think at the back of the knife crime lies covered in the North Manchester press. They also took the last Chief Constable’s name in vain on Focus leaflets and got caught when they shoved them through his own door.

    Is Barnbrook actually picking and mixing his tactics from some minty old Lib Dem campaigning handbook prepared by their current post-Rennard Campaign Director Hilary Stephenson? She’s authored a few whoppers that one. And Rennard was essentially removed for a HUGE RAMP on his accommodation claims re Lords where he apparently used to clock in daily and then go to his day job. Plus plus plus lying re “main home” nonsense.

    Has Barnbrook got the Lib Dem playbook?

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  3. BNP councillor tells lie! Shock horror. Telling lies is totally unheard of in Labour, Tory and Lib Dem circles, innit? Ho, Ho.

    As regards Stephen Newton’s claim that the BNP are fascists, Chambers Dictionary defines fascism as being composed for four or five characteristics, one of which is “militarism”. Labour, Tories plus G.W.Bush took their military machines to Iraq (“for the oil” according to Alan Greenspan) and a million Muslims and Kurds died as a result. In contrast the BNP always opposed the war. Who are the fascists on that score?

    And then there is small question of the million or so Muslims and Kurds killed. Who are the racists?

    The BNP are going to have to kill an awful lot of Muslims etc before they become more racist than Labour or the Tories.

    Another element of fascism as per Chambers dictionary definition is “restrictions on personal freedom”. There have been dozens of articles in broadsheet newspapers in the last year cataloguing the attacks on civil liberties and human rights by Labour.

    And then there was the undemocratic (i.e. fascist) decision to implement a policy of mass immigration to the UK, a decision taken without consulting and against the wishes of the majority of Brits: a decision backed by Labour and Tories and opposed by the BNP.

    The list of Labour and Tory fascist characteristics is endless. It’s a moot point as to who the fascists are, isn’t it?

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