#cbb: Richard Desmond should get in Big Brother house

I’ve only ever watched the celebrity version of Big Brother, getting to know some ordinary people bound together by an overwhelming desire to be famous for the sake of being famous has never appealed. But while last night’s Celebrity Big Brother is a relative success for Channel 5 — hey it scored their fourth-biggest rating ever and the biggest rating outside of sport or film — I won’t be watching again (unless something really exciting happens) and I bet those ratings are going to fall off a cliff.

The problem with this year’s Celebrity Big Brother is not so much that it is full of nobodies (Paddy Doherty?) but that there is no big beast. It needs a Stephen Baldwin or a Micheal Barrymore or a Vinnie Jones or a George Galloway. I reckon that if Richard Desmond wants this to work, he’s going to have to get in the Big Brother house himself.

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