R.I.P. McDonald’s Vegeburger – long live McDonald’s Quorn Premiere

Katharine now has the cold that must be fed so after the gym I popped into this Sainsbury’s and was persuaded to buy quorn fillets similar to these because they had little McDonald’s Quorn Premiere stickers on.

I thought I was on for a free burger. But no, just some guff about them only having six grams of fat despite being packed with chilli sauce and mayonnaise. Consequently, the fillets didn’t taste as good as they should have. And who’d be surprised to hear that the fat weighs so little in a McDonald’s Quorn Premiere when the quorn is sliced so very thinly?

Nevertheless, Quorn Premiere is more than a vast improvement on the now discontinued Vegetable Deluxe, which was almost tasteless. It is veggie fast food to die for. The Vegetable Deluxe’s greatest crime hadn’t been its own inadequacy, but that it had prompted Burger King, who’d been doing Spicy Beanburgers to die for since the 1980s to introduce a real wet lettuce in the form of the BK Veggie Burger, which has replaced the beans in most of their outlets.

Despite being piscivorous since the early ’90s – don’t touch the Filet-O-Fish it’s just a fishfinger in a bread roll – I’ve never had a problem with McDonald’s. As I blogged earlier, I’ve no time for the anti-globalisation movement (haven’t they gone quiet since McDonald’s profit dip turned out to be no more than a blip), added to which big company profits are my only hope for a pension.

4 thoughts on “R.I.P. McDonald’s Vegeburger – long live McDonald’s Quorn Premiere

  1. I don’t miss the Vegetable Deluxe as it had a cardboard quality to it. BK’s spicy bean burgers are a lot easier to find and reccomended. If you were campaigning to bring back the Quorn Premiere, you’d get my support.

  2. rumour has it that BK’s spicy bean burger has chicken renet in it. You’ll notice that the burger doesn’t have a “V” next to it on the menu ot indicate vegetarin

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