Rise of the BNP: Nobody voted for the Industrial Revolution

While the Sun repeats the myth that immigrants are overwhelming us, it does speak more sense than many in face of soul searching on the much exaggerated rise of the BNP. It falls to the Telegraph to repeat the party’s most seductive line: ‘these people have not been consulted about the vast social experiment in which they have been forced to participate.’

It’s true that none of us voted for a multicultural society. But it’s also true that nobody voted for the industrial revolution. Indeed, had the peasants been consulted I doubt they’d have voted for hard, long hours in factories and slum housing.

This ‘nobody asked us’ response to social change is a nonsense that betrays an incredible naïvety about the power of the state. It’s akin to believing that a vote for full employment is enough to create a job for everyone and a vote against crime enough to stop it. That people will choose lifestyles and belief systems of which conservatives and fascists disapprove is equally tough: nobody is obliged to seek their permission. The BNP and Telegraph leader writers are guilty of foolish egotism.

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