Royal Doulton: plates, china, figurines, jugs, pottery, crystal et cetera

I was in Top Shop (with Katharine) over the weekend. It’s a place I feel a little funny about, because when I was in my teens and early 20s, there was no shop more naff on the high street. But I have to accept that since the mid-1990s, things have been very different and the young people give Top Shop much respect. Indeed they had much trendy gear on offer and all was reasonably priced (but not as VFM as H&M which, regular readers know, is where I get my low cut jeans).

Anyway. I was particularly drawn to a wall covered with stripy wallpaper in shades of brown, cream and other favourite colours from the 1970s. Up against the wall was a collapsed brown and green sofa that looked like it had come off a skip, but had almost certainly been distressed by a highly paid interior design team. Best of all, on the wall were various decorative plates. Collectable plates like Royal Doulton do and some that were more Bhs. There was no need for explanation. All this stuff – you know; collectables – like figurines, china, character and Toby jugs, crystal and pottery, decorative tableware and glassware and perhaps even tapestry – is well on its way back in. Hell, Katharine’s even wearing flares now.

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