RU-21: hangover cure

Buy RU-21, the hangover cureIt’s still the season for binge drinking and its morning after associate, the hangover. There are lots of hangover cures, of course. But most of them sound like the old wives tales that they are.

So here’s RU-21, a cure for hangovers that ‘balances alcohol metabolism by slowing down the process of ethanol oxidation into acetaldehyde, so less acetaldehyde occurs in the first place. It then speeds up the process of acetaldehyde decomposition into acetic acid, and then into water and carbon dioxide, which are harmless’ or so I’m told. All this from the people who brought you the KGB and with natural ingredients to reassure those who think nature harmless. But now all the supermarkets are selling it, I guess harmless, but effective, must be what it is.
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2 thoughts on “RU-21: hangover cure

  1. Mhmm.

    I shall be trying this just to see if it works, because the potential advantages of this far outweigh the possible risks of it making my insides spontaneously combust etc.

  2. they really do work.. and i dont even take them every hour when drinking.

    i take one before i go out and 2 when i arrive back home and they are a god send.

    im normally sick all over the place and suffer real bad with headaches – but doing this i wake up feeling alright. so if i took them as advised i bet i would feel amazing!

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