Ruth Kelly, Opus Dei hoo-ha… what’s that all about?

Buy Dan Brown’s the Da Vinci CodeApparently best known for being the villains in Dan Brown’s incredibly successful the Da Vinci Code, Opus Dei continues to cause problems for education secretary, Ruth Kelly, thanks to its conservative Catholicism. The story originally broke in the Times, back in December and while the Guardian was quick to point out the differences between fact and fiction, ultra-conservative is a fair description. And still the controversy drags on.

But, casting ultra-conservative Catholicism aside for a moment, what makes me most curious is the minister’s insistence that; ‘It is not relevant to my job. It is a private spiritual life and I don’t think it is relevant to my job’. Makes me wonder what the point of entering politics might be, if not to promote your own ideals and help transform the world into what you believe would be a better place.

4 thoughts on “Ruth Kelly, Opus Dei hoo-ha… what’s that all about?

  1. Opus Dei means the “work of God”. Its tenets are fundamentally about using public life and one’s employment to further the cause of Catholic beliefs. Her suggestion that her work and religion are separate is fundamentally at odds with Opus Dei philosophy, and yet she doesn’t deny membership. We are left to assume that she is a member, and that somehow it has never crossed her mind to actually do what Opus Dei says she should; namely use her work to advance God in society.

    Oh, and what a surprise, her Education and Inspections Bill this year will increase the number of religious schools, and the powers that they have.

  2. Like all Roman Catholics they believe they will go to heaven if they go to church on Sunday,do good works and give money to charity.The only way you will be saved is by accepting that Christ is your Lord and saviour.

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