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Sabi Rock man outside Ducie Bridge, Miller StreetMysterious photos of the Sabi Rock Man are proving surprisingly popular with Manchester bloggers and the would-be music star has become a cult figure around these parts over the course of 2006. He’s even made it to CNN’s top tips for visiting yanks.

Here’s a previously unpublished shot of him in action outside the Ducie Bridge on Miller Street and another pic taken from the other side of the road with the Co-operative Group’s New Century House HQ in the background. More rare pics of him doing his thing are available at a brand new Flickr Group: Manchester’s mysterious Sabi Rock Man, created by yours truly. This will complement others’ efforts to stalk the would-be music star.

Please do join the group and add as many Sabi Rock pics as you can lay your hands on. Sabi Rock Man deserves and requires your support.
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8 thoughts on “Sabi Rock Man Flickr Group

  1. I see the sabi rock man nearly every morning get on my bus into town on Hyde Road, at about 6.15am. he usually has his cardboard billboard with him, sometimes a cardboard guitar. I love his hat. Will try to get a photo on my phone next time I see him

  2. sat in front of my pc looking at not much when i remembered to check out this sabirock website that this cat in the hat guy advertises on his billboard.nothing happened so i googled sabirock and found all this stuff.i am more freaked out than when i saw him for the first time.we need to know whats going on sabi.who are you?what do you want from us?i cant stand this any longer…..

  3. Ha!

    I’ve been meaning to google for “sabirock” for weeks too… Finally got round to it when I saw him directly outside my offices this morning. I captured it on my phone and everything.

    Places I’ve seen him = Near the McDonalds on Portland Street/Oxford Street junction, walking down Whitworth Street, in Longsight near to the Apollo and now on Deansgate (and at 8:00am!)… I’m sure there are other occasions… He used to hang between St Peters Square and the Cornerhouse quite a lot…

    Erm. His website seems to be down today.

  4. Does this guy actually have a job and isnt it about time he got one hes obviously claiming benefits because hes out all day with his billboards around his neck he should be made to work if he is claiming benefits as theres proof here thats hes doing F all about looking for a job!

  5. i look at sabi with awe , he is my hero and regularly ask him to have a drink and jam with me.
    Id love to brush his hat as it looks cool , he has a real good voice , keep it up… rock on sabi !!!!

  6. He is back under the M60 motorway bridge on chester road every morning from 0600hrs. Although his website looks like a holding site there is a music player at the very top left corner, I’m guessing the soundtrack is him?

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