Sainsbury’s TU supersize fashions

Click to see ‘Sainsbury's TU supersize fashions’ in a variety of different sizesI’ve always wondered where larger ladies with a fondness for Chav pink got their clothes and sort of suspected it was somewhere like Ethel Austin (which, up until its recent makeover, I always thought was a charity shop). The supermarkets entering the clothes market has been a good thing. They’ve driven prices right down. But I think we can all agree that George at Asda’s lost its way and Tesco’s Florence + Fred is only okay. Up until this season, Sainsbury’s TU was what supermarket clothes should be all about: reasonably priced basics that don’t look cheap.

Sainsbury’s TU is still okay if you’re a bloke looking for a T-shirt, but the ladies section’s not only gone a bit chav, it’s been supersized. Katharine was after a pair of summer shorts, but you need a very, very large bum indeed to fill a Sainsbury’s TU size 10. On the plus side, if you’re a size 16 lady who’d like to be a size 10, get yourself down to Sainsbury’s and kid yourself.
This posted via mobile via Flickr and so not so closely proofread. Click the pic to see it large (there’s an ‘all-sizes’ tab for really large).

27 thoughts on “Sainsbury’s TU supersize fashions

  1. so… what’s the point of your piece: That larger people are funny, or that they don’t deserve to be able to buy clothes at the supermarket like everyone else? Another incisive bit of commentary, mate.

  2. Weight’s a touchy subject for many of us — I’ve a little more fat than I should have — so if you read this observation as a mickey take of larger people, fair enough.

    But I think Sainsbury’s resizing its clothes so that larger people can pretend to be slim is worthy of mockery (especially when slimmer people are excluded from shopping there as a result). I also think that larger people who wear dirty looking pink (I call it Chav pink) towelling bottoms like those in the photo are funny.

  3. The sad thing is it’ll work. I remember my mother* said she’d never shop at M&S again after they restructured their sizing and she found herself having to suffer the indignity of buying something in size 14…

    * not Jewish, but close.

  4. Maybe you should spend less time judging people by their looks and what they wear and more time being nice and helping people. Tu @ Sainsburys has a great range of clothes. Run along and get a life now.
    And to those who shop at Tu, HIGH FIVE YOU’RE COOL! IT’S LUSH AND CHEAP!

  5. I wonder how you’d feel if it were you unable to shop in highstreet stores? Easy for you to laugh, I suppose. But not exactly appropriate in this day and age. I suppose, by making comments of said nature, you’re perfect in every way.

    I can shop wherever I feel like, and its about time the larger members of our society were allowed to walk among us.

    Now, stop being rude and show some respect. Those size sixteen ladies may have bums to fit a Sainsburies size ten but its about time you supersized your brain and expressed some adult views about things that matter. Like prejudice and anti-social behaviour. Something you seem to know alot about.

  6. Ouch! I can see you’re upset, but I’m unrepentant. Changing the label on clothes so larger people can pretend is worthy of mockery. And in truth the way we dress is both a product of our lifestyle and a demonstration of the sub-culture to which we belong.

  7. I am not sure wht you are trying to say about TU clothing from Sainsburys?! The brand is good quality for the money your paying. If you go to one of the larger stores they have a great selection. As a larger woman I am happy to know their is a supermarket who can cater for my BIG BOTTOM!!!

  8. i am a sainsburys employee and am also a larger size female and i can say from experience that i cant fit my large size bum in a size 10! and the majority of the clothes are actually smaller sizes then what they are. i no this as iv tried them on and i also deal with returns of these and many customers both large and small have all commented on this. i suggest that before you go making statements like that you actually do some research. Also look around abit instead of taking a picture of the sale rail. i think you willl find styles to suit all tastes as i am certainly not a chav

  9. i have just brought some cropped low waisted jeans and the size and shape are perfect and for the price was fantastic compared to your average highstreet stores they were brilliant .

  10. You have really made me angry – no not the author but the commenters. Why are you all misreading this article? It is about the fact that this season’s collection is not that great compared to previous years and the sizing is wrong. Because he has used the word ‘larger’ you have all started hyperventilating. Everyone is free to agree or disagree with an opinion but it is pure ignorance to choose to get upset about something that hasn’t even been said. PCness gone mad. I happen to agree with the comments. As a regular Sainsburys shopper, I wouldn’t be seen dead in this season’s clothes AND they are not cheap at all, nor good quality. I have a bobbly jacket and holey coat to show for it. I think it’s time you stopped being over sensitive when you have made your own choices. You make a mockery of people who are persecuted for something they cannot change about themselves – you can.

  11. as a large lady i think your comments are sooo bloody rude and inappropriate…large women should be able to shop in store that every skinny rake women does without being mocked or looked at……

  12. I am too a large lady and want to look up todate and stylish as I am only 37. If only stores followed a set sizing program. To be honest I don’t want to kid myself by getting into three sizes smaller I am what I am and the clothes I have purchased from sainsburys in my normal size fell off me so I went for a smaller size and again fell off me so the answer was stop buying from sainsburys and go somewherere I know the clothes will fit without the dissapointment of having to hold up my trousers while out on the town all for the sake of saving a few pounds.

  13. I think the author misses the point.
    She is neurotic about labels to the point where she is hysterically obsessed with the thought that big women need to kid themselves.
    I have better things to do with my time than acutely observe small or big people who might want to deceive themselves in a clothes shop. What a strange and idle, voyeuristic pastime.
    Go to any store and the sizes are all different…as are us people…who cares…as long as you can find something that fits you and you feel good in it.
    Go to Primark and the sizes are quite small, M&S the sizes are big, Dorothy Perkins the sizes are generous, some stores sizing make no sense atall…tops small and trousers and skirts big.
    I find it hilariously funny that this ‘author’ might be a size 10 because she worries so much about absolutley nothing, when you come to think about it!

  14. PS
    The fact that this person might be a bloke makes me all the more suspicious of his pastimes.

  15. re Ethel Austin (the best reading glasses in the world for £3!!)

    …and what, may I ask is wrong with Charity Shops?? I came to this website on my way to looking for the Tu range, because I’ve picked up fabulous Tu knitwear at Charity Shops. I buy just about everything at these wonderful places and manage to pick up labels I won’t afford, for a few £s. The Tu knitwear, however, knocks the likes of Boden, NoaNoa, Monsoon etc into a cocked hat! See you at the proper Tu website!

    Omigod – that first comment was a man?? Why wasn’t he standing outside looking after the shopping bags?

  16. Maybe Sainsburys should resize all their condoms that way u can convince urself u really have got what it takes to be a man :)

  17. well i don’t know what sainsbury’s you shop at but i work there on the clothes department and i get complaints daily that the sizes are to small and never to big

  18. Im a size 28 plus size by bum wouldnt fit into a 16 never mind a 10 at sainsboz and im not bothered in the slightest I get on with my life as a bbw and dont worry about what shops sell I reckon he or she authour is secretly a biggie ? If you look hard enough and enjoy shopping theres plenty of clothes out there for bigger people and Yes we should all be able to walk into any store and buy off the shelf but media makes fat people to be off another planet deaf and with no feelings we can hear your silly comments we do have feelings so shut up and mind your own business get on with your own life it must be sad if you have to run down another human being,what gives you the monoploy on being a perfect size ? whoever you are? from a non pink velour wearing happy fattie who doesnt need to take p outta others to get a kick outta life,

    take a look at BPUK – its a site for fat acceptance email Jo with your comments I’d like to see the reply.

  19. I just bought a long top, black and white detail and i got black cropped leggings to go with it and its great £16 in total but that is nothing to your normal high street store so it is a great pricing range and great quality !!!


  21. in every shop the sizes vary from size to size, im a size 10 in one shop a size 6 in the next it can vary that much! and as for the fact that author doesnt like pink, your a bloke arent you?! you dont have to wear it so stop moaning, and there are plenty of other reasonably proced high street shops so just avoid sainsburys and dont fret yourself! sorry for the non existent punctuation and caps etc! im tired! thanks!

  22. I’m a size 20, yes 20. I buy clothes from Sainbury’s for work. I have no desire to buy a pair of chavy pink tracksuit bottoms, nor wear itsy bitsy tops and shorts. I know my size, I know how to dress for my size.

    Sainbury’s clothes fit my slimmer 10 and 12 size friends just fine.

    Nice adult piss take out of larger women though mate.

  23. ‘kin ‘ell, you people are so easily offended!

    I’m 16-18 size, I have bought stuff at sainsbury’s and the author (yes, a bloke for those of you not paying attention) is right, the sizes are a little too big for what the label says. So I can get a 14 and fit sort of ok in it, but it’s a bit tight, 16 is about right but a bit bigger…on the comfy side, and 18 is hoofing big.

    You lot, read what the fist post actually says, get off your soapbox and next time you’re at the supermarket, along with the fabulous knitware, groceries and clothes BUY YOURSELF SOME HUMOUR!

  24. I’m 15 and came across this site by mistake but found it really interesting. I’m saying this as a question so please don’t judge me but Why are woman so fixated by sizes? i’ve learnt by being more ”curvy” (let’s say) that it doesn’t matter what size you are, isn’t that right? . You can have different body shapes, and that makes a very BIG difference. I understand what everyone’s saying but I just wanted to add my mark, and hope that girls can just feel sexy and beautifull no matter what -label- they are. I hope when i’m older i’ll become more confident as being my size. Maybe some size 6′s feel self concious of being so skinny. Who makes up these rules that skinnys in and biggers out? because face it curvy people out rule really skinny people. So why isn’t bigger the norm?

    Size 14 xx

  25. I only ended up on this page because I was hoping to be able to order a size 10 Tu pair of long black trousers like the pair I am wearing, only longer! Couldn’t help reading all the above. Fascinating! Does size matter? Only if you are a self-obsessed neurotic person like me, who has just lost 34 pounds with Weigh-Less and still wants to weigh even less. 10 is still too big! Am devestated to hear that the Tu label is on the “roomy” side. There I was priding myself on my achievement and it looks so hollow. Oh well – I’ll aim for size 8 then. Might actually find the right length trousers in the right length then! Size is personal, and boy do feelings run high. As a one-time larger and smaller lady, I understand both sides of the argument. Don’t get all uptight about all of this, life is hard enough. Listen to Gok and just get on with it. Everyone is actually beautiful. Sorry – couldn’t help myself. Really a forum contributor virgin.

  26. I work in the Clothing department of sainsburys, I think the same as the number 24, women and men should worry about the the label, just if it looks good on them, I will not advert at this time, its a good convo starter

  27. Hmmmmmmmm to all the stick insects insulting curvey women.. im a size 16 5’2 blond very confident and told im very sexy. I dont dress like a (chav) have no tattoo’s and wear one pair of earings (LOL) at a time… I say ( whatever your size plus) embrace it,as long as you’re CONFIDENT well groomed and a nice person, thats all thats required. DONT follow the skinny sheep, most of them if they stood sidewards and stuck their tounges out they’de look like Zips!! ask ANY man young or old which they prefere and EVERYTIME its a curvy lady :) unless they’re insecure and cant handle a real woman, or under 18 haha…cant wait for the new collection

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