Sarah Beeny’s Property Ladder… I wouldn’t listen to her either

We found ourselves watching what was in many ways a classic Property Ladder last night. Classic because it was one where the amateur property developers take none of Sarah Beeny’s advice on board. Okay, Property Ladder’s getting a bit long in the tooth and over formulaic. Inexperienced amateur property developers take on more than they can chew, ignore Sarah Beeny’s advice, but still make it onto the property ladder because house prices are going up and up whatever you do. (But there are a couple of, perhaps too mumsy, reasons people keep watching.)

The thing is, her advice is sound enough (last night’s dimwits forgot to put central heating in and were on to make just three grand for six months work…). But it’s all in the delivery. She’s so very smarmy – so very patronising – that to take her advice would involve swallowing more pride than anybody should ever have to swallow. Especially on national television.

6 thoughts on “Sarah Beeny’s Property Ladder… I wouldn’t listen to her either

  1. I dont understand the “Rubbish” comment above, but I fully agree with the fact she is so smarmy! Why cant she provide useful advise and stop these people from making mistakes, rather than watching them dig a hole and patronise them!

    Either get a new presenter or get her to say something useful for a change.

  2. I think Sarah offers incredibly sound advice, what amazes me is WHY inexperienced developers refuse to listen to her as they know better.

    Its obvious, cloakrooms in downstairs, no brass fittings and ensuite bedrooms, garages that actually fit car in etc. It bemuses me how some people cannot see her advice is sound. Fortunately they make money on a rising market than their property developing skills.

    Sarah is excellent!

  3. Sarah Beeny can do no wrong. I love her voice and her delivery – not smarmy at all – and just the right note of worry and concern when amateurs are about to get it wrong

    She has a lovely face – a fantastic figure. Those breasts belong on the prow of a ship.

    Most of all I love seeing her in a tight T shirt wielding a lump hammer and smashing down masonry – have you seen those sexy muscles?

    Wow – what a woman!

  4. Sure she is smarmy…but she isn’t there to spoon feed them…she gives them advice, and how she would see the property being developed, and if the owners choose to ignore her then that’s the risk they take.

    I work in marketing and these “developers” need to realise that what they are doing needs to focus on that…developing a product suited to the people who are going to buy it. Not just having fun knocking down walls, putting in stupid looking tiles and and going shopping for kitchens!

    Sarah rocks.

  5. I find her voice very irritating. She has this habit of her sentences ‘dropping off’ at the end. Kinda fading away. I just change channel when she comes on.

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