Sarah Jessica Parker mystery

Sarah Jessica Parker mystery

It is most impolite to talk disfavourably on someone’s looks, but when those looks are the means to that person’s fortune I reckon they’re fair game.

Sarah Jessica Parker is not at all attractive, not even in an over produced perfume ad like this. If anyone could be reasonably compared to a horse, that person would be Sarah Jessica Parker.

And yet — and here lies the mystery — Sarah Jessica Parker is upheld as a vision of beauty to which women should aspire.

I suspect the answer lies in her girl’s girl Sex and the City persona. To be wordly wise in that girly way is something aspirational, yet apparently attainable. Her unattactiveness becomes an asset in this context: ‘if she can make it as a top model, then so can I!’
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One thought on “Sarah Jessica Parker mystery

  1. I agree she isn’t archetypically pretty, but as a woman (straight woman) I see an attractiveness in her which I can’t put my finger on. Whenever I watch Sex and the City, I find her fascinating to look at, and not just for the daft clothes. It is something about the way she carries herself.
    BUT those perfume ads when she is pouting and trying to look ‘beautiful’ in a stereotypical way are a bit silly, because she isn’t!

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