Saturn over Manchester?

Saturn over Manchester?

I’m open to correction but this was by far the brightest object in the sky over Manchester at a little after 6am this morning and with rings visible to the naked eye, I reckon it was Saturn.

Caught unprepared, I didn’t get a chance to sort out the camera and so the 10x optical zoom is rather wasted and the best I can offer is this blob. Look at its bulging sides; that’s not camera shake.

As a kid I was a bit of an amateur astronomer who got very wound up when his mother told her thick (it still hurts) mates I wanted to be an astrologer.
Uploaded by mobile phone to Stephen Newton’s Diary of Sorts.

2 thoughts on “Saturn over Manchester?

  1. Could it be Venus?? Not that I’m the expert but my other half reckons it is. Just a thought..

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