Saving England’s flag

Buy your England Supporter’s teeth here!My earliest associations with the Union Flag must arise from the late 1970s, when I was barely ten years old. I put it down to about then because I now know that that was the time support for the National Front was at its peak. Add to that Britain had spent the decades immediately after the war divesting itself of colonies and coming to terms with the less glamorous side of empire. The NF managed to make the national flag their own and it was associated with racist thuggery. Meanwhile, England’s national identity was long absorbed into that of the Union; the UK national anthem is played for England at sports events instead of its own. And the English flag has somehow seemed more radical of that of the Union. Only hooligans would wave it.

Yet now, with Euro 2004 upon us the streets are full of England flags and every other car is flying it. And what’s so good is that the flag is doing what it should; uniting the country behind the national team, behind a positive national endeavour. So Rochdale and Bury’s banning the flag from taxis, while no surprise given its recent history, is wrong-headed. It’s only through events like Euro 2004 that we can hope to save the flag for something positive.

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  1. The simple question is if it’s such a display of national pride to display a St George from the back windows of your car and look like a total simpleton, then why don’t people do it all year long?

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