Scoopt: news & celebrity photo sales

I recently gave Scoopt a plug on my PR blog, but I’m afraid my hopes of getting rich quick as an amateur paparazzi may remain just dreams. The first photo sale went to the Bristol Evening Post for what Scoopt describe as a ‘two-figure’ sum. Nevermind. But I still reckon it could work out. Over on the other place I wrote of Scoopt:

‘Picture the scene. You’re walking around Manchester on a Friday night and come across a drunken Coronation Street star collapsed on the street. Nothing particularly unusual there.’

Well blow me! On Saturday night Katharine and I were walking to the car park from The Price at the Library Theatre via the The Printworks. Upon exiting said flesh pit (plenty of Girls Aloud Barbie dolls) a very flash, sporty and expensive looking Mercedes (maybe this) was dumped half on the pavement and half on the double-yellow lines. Out popped a guy with a flash suit and a Neanderthal walk with a well groomed and snooty woman. They were heading for said flesh pit. If I’d had my wits about me (and I knew who he was) I’d have snapped them for one of those footballer ignores parking law stories the Manchester Evening News loves to run.

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