Have you seen ARTHUR?

Update: Arthur rescued
Arthur: missing in actionPossibly a bit peeved after spending Christmas at the cattery, Arthur has gone AWOL for a couple of days. He’s already missed terribly and New Year celebrations are off as we leaflet the area.

Scouting for him earlier we were dismayed to discover that a (no doubt well meaning) fool living in flats on the other side of Chorlton Brook to us has left the remains of Christmas dinner (a large and so far largely untouched turkey carcass) out for the animals. And so plentiful food combined with mild weather might lead him to believe he can make it on his own. Hopefully the forecast big freeze will materialise and he’ll realise what side his bread is buttered.

Meanwhile if you see a small three legged, tabby and white cat please email.

As you’d expect he’s micro chipped and PetLog has informed vets, rescue centres et cetera in a thirty mile radius.

However, our informed guess is that he’s lying low in areas adjacent to Chorlton Brook, which provides fine hunting grounds (as well as easy access to the previously mentioned turkey dinner). On this map the brook is marked out by the line of trees stretching from Claude Road on the left to Barlow Moor Road on the right. So he’s most likely to be spotted in the vicinity of Rainbow Close, Claude Road, South Drive, Oak House Drive or Anchorside Close. The turkey and other meats have been left out in gardens to the flats in the centre of the picture, off Claude Road, just north of the brook.

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