Shoplifters of the world unite & takeover!

Succour for the far right

‘…start now, while our side is still the overwhelming majority, rather than later, when we will be much weaker…’
Laurence Auster (via Matt T)

Fortunately, in the UK at least, the openly fascist are a sometimes noisy but definitely small minority. It’s hard to imagine Manchester experiencing riots like those in Sydney or those the city experienced in 1981. Partly because it’s hard to imagine today’s police engaging in an ‘Operation Swamp 81’ (named in homage to a Thatcher speech in the style of her idol, Enoch Powel) but mainly because the UK has made multiculturalism a success.

Those here, unfurling their Daily Expresses, complete with another made-up story, at a BNP rally were outnumbered four to one by anti-fascists. So it’s rather comic to read them indulging a silly fantasy in which their side (i.e. all of us white people) unite and take over. And even the Express is careful to counter its front pages with a series exposing the BNP as Nazis.

But at least Lawrence acknowledges the white rioters are ‘only young rowdy men’ (poor white trash). Aussie blogger John Ray gains succour from a Washington Post article which, as he chooses to read it, acknowledges that ‘most psychologists and psychiatrists these days regard some form of negative feeling towards minorities as normal and natural’. But ‘normal and natural’ isn’t the same as ‘right’ and racism is no more rational than a fear of spiders or flying. Fortunately for Lawrence and John, that same piece points to success in treating racism with antipsychotic drugs.

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